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Where have you been?

I am very excited today to launch the new Production Sports website - a new beginning for my company!!!

It's not like I have gone away, but things have changed, as life does, and I want to share with you where I find myself today.  The first and biggest, or shall I say most obvious change to Production Sports, is that I no longer have the good-natured Brit to harass and poke fun. After 2008 Skate America, Steve decided to return to skating coaching full time.  We had a great time together planning that event, but for Steve, the work, the uncertainty of bidding on events and the frenzied pace that is event planning turned out not to be his cup of tea.  So, I regrouped and headed out on my own.

Much has happened since then - two Washington State Games, working with Seattle Skating Club, spending an amazing week at the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships in the mixed zone (thanks Scottie!!) and bidding on the next big event... that I want to jump up and down and proclaim, but I have to wait just a bit longer!!

Production Sports is alive and well, up and running, forging ahead, as if there would be any doubt with me pushing it along.  I love my work!  What more can I say!

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